10 innovations for improving your home

  1. Lighting:


LED lights are the brilliance of engineering that not only save 80% power but also create a great ambiance with their low glare brightness. These lights are cheap to buy and also easy to install. They have lower failure rate which makes them a perfect fit for the budget and also adapts easily to the locations installed.


  1. Sledge Hammer:


Wilton Bad Ass Sledge Hammer (B.A.S.H) is one of the best innovations in the sledge hammer area. It has a rigid body but an ergonomic head capable of absorbing all the vibration generated due to the hit. Its steel reinforced head is strong enough to break rigid bodies easily.


  1. Haiku Fans:


Available in Aluminum and Wood, Haiku fans are one step ahead of the conventional fans. They effectively maintain the room temperature and also consume lesser power. They are cheaper to maintain and are silent as compared to the conventional fans.


  1. Solar shutters:



With the world migrating towards solar energy and the global warming heating up homes, solar panels kills two birds with one stone. It blocks the lights coming in from the windows and uses the solar energy to generate power. They are easy to install as they are arranged as shutters.


  1. Quick staircase:


Quick installation staircase just makes your home from awesome to amazing. They are cheaper and portable staircase, they can be easily installed and can be removed or shifted as and when required. They are so much better than the conventional staircase. The added advantage is that they could be removed completely and the lo! more free space.


  1. Triple fuel furnace:


Napoleon Fireplaces have come up with this brilliant idea for heating up homes in an efficient and hassle free way. Triple fuel furnaces can harness fuel, wood and electrical energy. But the best part is if it runs out of wood other fuels are automatically used. This sort of ease of operation and the options of fuels it provides forms the usp of the product. The bottom line is why have one when you could have all of ‘em.

  1. Reciprocating saw:


Reciprocating saws find their usage in various places because their ability to adjust their size without compromising their performance.


  1. Rechargeable Screwdriver:


Well anything that can reduce our effort and make life easier is a great innovation. Having said that, it is not necessary to point out how useful a screwdriver is in daily lives. In that case, a rechargeable screwdriver is just amazing.


  1. Thermostat:


In the world where gadgets are getting smarter each and everyday, this learning thermostat by nest is a great tool to smart up your homes. It has a great interface and is easy to control. The best part is it provides multiple options for its type of operation and all the remaining complexity is handled by the device itself.


  1. Garage door:


Garage doors are in fact one of the most ignored parts of the homes. However, with a little attention and innovation they can add to the beauty of the house. Scenic garage doors are those innovations that make it possible.