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Whirlpool Element lower oven (Copy)

Whirlpool Element lower oven (Copy)

Price: £19.96 (inc. p&p)

Whirlpool Cooker Element lower oven
Copy: ELE4508
Fits: 1000, 219, 303/01, 303/02, 412, 566, 568, 586, 586/01, 587/01, 598, 701, 985, ACH566/WH, ACH586/01BR, ACH586/01WH, ACH587/01BR, ACH587/01WH, ACH599, ACH985/BR, ACH985/BR/01, ACH985/BR/WP, ACH985/WH, ACH985/WH/01, ACH985/WH/WP, ACH986/WH, ACH987/WH, AKG217/BR, AKG217/BR/01, AKG217/BR/02, AKG217/BR/WP, AKG217/WH, AKG217/WH/01, AKG217/WH/02, AKG217/WH/WP, AKG218/BR, AKG218/BR/01, AKG218/WH, AKG218/WH/01, AKG219/BR, AKG219/BR/02, AKG219/BR/03, AKG219/BR/WP, AKG219/WH, AKG219/WH/02, AKG219/WH/03, AKG219/WH/WP, AKG334/BR, AKG334/WH, AKG341/BR, AKG341/WH, AKG345/BR, AKG345/BR/02, AKG345/WH, AKG345/WH/01, AKG345/WH/02, AKG347/IX, AKG347/IX/02, AKG427BU, AKL331/BR, AKL331/WH, AKL335/BR, AKL335/WH, BBSC1000BR, BBSC1000WS, BBZE1004BR, BBZE1004WS, DO610/BW, DO610/BW/01, DO610/BW/01(WP/RAM), DO610/WH, DO610/WH/01, DO610/WH/01(WP/RAM), WDO207/BR, WDO207/BR/01, WDO207/WH, WDO207/WH/01, WSO201/BR, WSO201/WH

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