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Numatic Henry Hose Assy 2.4 mtr (Original)

Numatic Henry Hose Assy 2.4 mtr (Original)

Price: £12.99 (inc. p&p)

Numatic Henry Hose 2.4 Metre
OPN 601101 Genuine
For Copy Order HSE621 / HSE15
Fits: Henry HVR200-22, Hetty, James JVP180, Henry Xtra, HVX-200-22 Henry Micro, HVR200M-22, Henry Turbo, HVR200T-22, Charles CVC370-2, George, GVE370-2, NRV200-22, NRV370-22, NVQ200-22, NQS250-22, NRV380-22, NVP180-2, NVP200-2, NVP370-2, NVQ370-22, NVQ380-22, NQS350B-22, RSV130, RSV200, MFQ370-22

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