Robot vacuum cleaners – Are they the better option for your home?

Artificial Intelligence has been one of the most controversial topics for mankind. Where the science shows it as the hero of future, science-fiction has shown its negative side as well. To be honest, both the sides sound equally convincing. Terminators may be available in the far far future but today man has developed robots that could learn how to do some basic human tasks.


Cleaning the house is one such task that has been successfully achieved till date. But again, the success solely depends on how people will respond to such technology. Needless to say this product is indeed very useful.

There are many reasons as to why this product is perfect fit for your homes:



                   It has a timer based operation that saves you from activating it every single morning. It functions regularly and reliably once the schedule is programmed in.


Auto clean:

                   The previous versions of house cleaning robots needed to be cleaned regularly during their working as their storages got filled. But the newer versions save the effort by implementing an auto cleaning protocol. It already knowns where to dump the waste and whenever the tank is full is goes there, dumps the waste and continues the job.



                   This is a great feature that makes these devices trustworthy. With a robot moving freely in the house there is always a lingering sound at the back of your heads that worries if the robot hits a delicate object while moving or if the robot  itself breaks after hitting a rigid object or even worse hurts someone. All these problems have been addressed properly in the newer generation robots where the safety feature inbuilt in the robots allows them to operate smoothly and safely.



                   We humans tend to perform to the best of our abilities when the task is always innovative and challenging, but it drops drastically when the task is monotonous. We tend to get lazy and often show unwillingness towards that task. The tantrums of the maid are one more problem. These robots are great to troubleshoot all these issues forever.




         It is effective in time, which means it does the task real quick. It is regular and accurate, which implies that everyday your house is going to be just as clean as it was the day before which is a near impossible task if a human does it. It is power efficient, which means it has a very little power consumption over the conventional vacuum cleaners but in return is much more useful.